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What shift would you prefer?

Tell you little about us and the job, family own business very happy people and hard workers, we expect the same from you as we will be making kids happy and providing them fun. We work alot in summer time, this job takes energy and hustle, busiest days are Friday through Sunday and Holidays. we work from 9am to 4pm depending on how many events for the day, we take breaks until 8pm and go back out in collect from all the events. The best thing about this job is you will be sitting in truck for half the time as we go from event to event plenty of breaks, rest & gas station stops. What you will be doing cleaning, staking down bounce houses, whatever the team needs help on also, we do have water bounce houses so you will be getting wet and dirty, dress code is wear comfortable clothes. Our pay is very nice between $15 - $20 and we would love to have you on the team if your a hard worker, after reading this and you feel like this will work out for you just click submit below.

Thanks for submitting!

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